• If you owe money to the IRS, the simple fact is that you are no match for their relentless collection techniques. There are millions of small business people and individuals with IRS problems in the United States today.
  • We have helped thousands of people avoid mistakes and settle favorably with the IRS. We are here to negotiate on your behalf.
  • Don’t let the stress of dealing with the IRS by yourself threaten you financially, physically and mentally.

We’ll Communicate With The IRS For You

We speak the language of the IRS, which levels the playing field and makes it easier for us to negotiate on your behalf. With a level playing field we can work to solve your IRS problems, end the stress and get you back on track to a successful life.



IRS Problems?? If you knew with certainty that one 10 minute phone call could set you on the path to freedom from your IRS problemsWHO WOULD YOU CALL?

“We came to ETP and Gerry by way of our newly hired controller, who had worked with Gerry when he helped her at a previous employer. We had incurred $500k plus in payroll tax liability and IRS was levying bank accounts and visiting our offices. Gerry and his team quickly got levies released, handled all IRS communication and actually got us a substantial business cash flow loan to help us get through our liquidity issues. That was four years ago. Our payment plan with IRS is almost up. We saved thousands in penalties, and highly recommend ETP and Gerry to anyone suffering through payroll tax liability issues”
—- Local building contractor

“I was at my wit’s end dealing with a $400k plus IRS issue when my best friend referred me to EndTaxProblems and Gerry. After my Free Consultation I immediately hired ETP. That was three plus years ago and he has done everything he promised and more.”
—–  Dr. C. R.


“I have been sending troubled clients to EndTaxProblems and Gerry since 2002. Gerry and his team do a great job of resolving client’s urgent IRS issues.”  –  George Udvari, CPA

“If you are dealing with an urgent or large IRS problem, make sure you call Gerry at EndTaxProblems first. We have been sending clients with all kinds of business and personal IRS issues to Gerry and his team for 15 years. We know they will love the service and especially the results.”  –  Don Scarlett, CPA, Attorney


When The IRS Knocks.” ETP CEO Gerry DeLang talks with Smart Real Estate Coach Chris Prefontaine.