Our objective – return citizens to a “taxpayer in good standing” position with the U.S. Government

Establishing an end to current collection processes, and eliminating or arranging settlement of any IRS debts restores your “taxpayer in good standing” status.

Endtaxproblems.com helps people realize this goal by working to restore your “taxpayer in good standing” status.

Solving your tax problems may be easier than you think.

Many people endure years of battle with the IRS. Often the results lead to liens and levies against assets, ruined credit ratings, the inability to borrow from banks and a general disruption of their financial life.

Sometimes the problem is simply miscommunication. Our experienced professionals speak the language of the IRS. In cases of claimed dependents or misfiled returns the solution is usually handled quickly and easily.

Nonpayment of taxes or failure to file for many years are more serious but still manageable. We are able to solve problems from the simple to the most complex. Our focus is always to restore your “taxpayer in good standing” status.

The end result after all your objectives have been met?

With the IRS no longer pursuing you or your assets you will be free to build your future and chase the American Dream without the fear of IRS intervention.